7 Unique Business Ideas for 2022

While there are so many exciting businesses to start in 2022, the competition among entrepreneurs will be fierce. You need to find something that’s both unique and valuable to your community – something you can’t get anywhere else – or you risk going out of business quickly because no one wants what you’re selling. If you’re looking for unique business ideas for your startup in 2022, here are seven of the best, plus tips on how to make them work successfully when it comes time to start your new business.

If you’re looking to start your own business in 2022, you may feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities available to you. While plenty of great companies was launched before you, and plenty more will be after you, those companies will still share some ideas that haven’t been used yet. Use this list of unique business ideas in 2022 to inspire your next startup!

Unique startup business ideas

Ten years from now, I would like to have a successful, sustainable business that offers great value to customers. To do that, I’ll need more than just a great idea: I’ll need passion and perseverance as well. Here are some unique business ideas for 2022 in hopes of kick-starting my journey toward becoming an entrepreneur.

List of unique business ideas

1) eCommerce

Not only is eCommerce one of the fastest-growing industries, but it’s also one of our picks for top business ideas in 2022. In a few years, online shopping will make up almost 20% of all retail sales! People love to shop online and retailers have taken notice. In fact, many have launched their own eCommerce stores which have even further increased competition. If you’re thinking about launching an eCommerce store, there are certain trends you should be aware of so you can plan accordingly: Many shoppers are going mobile: Mobile phones and tablets are some of the consumers’ favorite tools when it comes to shopping online. As such, more retailers have been offering mobile-friendly experiences over recent years—and those that haven’t will quickly be left behind.

2) Digital Marketing Agency

In 2017, 64% of consumers researched a product online before going to a store to buy it. By 2022, that number will be as high as 76%. It’s clear that digital marketing is here to stay, and savvy entrepreneurs are investing in digital marketing agencies that can create strategies, build websites and implement automated systems to attract new customers. Selling online through platforms like Shopify? An e-commerce agency can help optimize your website so you get more leads. Reach out to niche markets with custom landing pages on Twitter or Facebook. Build customer communities through social media where you can post exclusive promotions or even ask for feedback about new products or services. Developing an app?

3) Real Estate

More and more, people are turning to real estate as a way to make money. While it’s not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme, investing in real estate is one of the most passive ways to build wealth over time. The best part about real estate investing is that you have control over your investment. If there’s an emergency and you need cash, you can sell your property quickly—and usually at a profit. At worst, you lose money slowly over time by paying off your mortgage every month. To learn more about starting out with real estate investing and finding good deals on properties, check out our beginner’s guide to buying rental properties online. You’ll be glad you did!

4) Wine Club

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it actually isn’t. Many people think starting a wine club is to niche or expensive to be a viable business idea. But if you set up your business correctly, you can build an extremely profitable subscription business with very low overhead and a high-profit margin. The key here is thinking creatively about how you market your wine club. It’s not enough to just have an online presence—you need to develop relationships in real life with local businesses that would benefit from partnering with you (e.g., restaurants, wineries, etc.). This is going to take some time and effort on your part, but if done correctly it can pay off big time over time. Building trust within local communities takes time and relationship building.

5) Painting Class

A big part of running a successful business is knowing how to manage your time. You’ll want to start exploring ways that you can maximize it; one way you can do that is through setting up times where you focus on a specific task, such as writing or drawing. Scheduling creative times into your weekly schedule can be an excellent strategy for boosting creativity and productivity. If you’re still trying to figure out what type of business you want to start, thinking about how you might use creativity in your business model could help with brainstorming unique ideas. For example, if your art skills are more developed than others, why not offer painting classes at local businesses?

6) Event Management

If you’re entrepreneurial-minded, event management might be a career path to consider. The job market is big and getting bigger, with plenty of room for someone who can bring in fresh ideas. As an event manager, you could make anywhere from $30,000 to more than $100,000 per year. The median salary was about $50,680 in 2016 according to PayScale. Event planners create events such as business conventions and trade shows, festivals, and concerts—basically any kind of gathering where there will be people to interact with. When planning an event like a business convention or seminar that happens once a year (or less often), you have time to prepare and craft each detail meticulously.

7) Copywriting Services

What are some unique business ideas for 2022? If you’re stuck, here are a few things to consider as you brainstorm: What will our lives be like in ten years? Think about recent trends and how they’ll likely play out. What are people struggling with now that could be remedied with a new product or service? Are there big problems that need innovative solutions? There’s nothing wrong with being different just for the sake of being different—some of today’s most recognizable brands were once considered groundbreaking innovations. As is often said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But what if it can be improved upon in an innovative way? How can you make things better or easier than ever before?

Unique business in the world

Take a look at what other businesses are doing, especially those that are unique or innovative. Take notes, and figure out how you can make your idea unique or even more. This can also be thought of as looking for holes in your market that others aren’t filling. If no one else is offering something like what you’re planning to offer, you may have an opening in the market. Also, look at startups that are related to yours and see if they have any business plans available online (if so, read through them!). Finally, look at competitors with a similar business model and ask yourself how you can create an even better product or service than they’re offering.