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California Trust Administration Checklist: Steps a Trustee must take after a person dies. What new Trustees and Actors should do for Living Trusts and Wills. Professional Trust Administration Services in California, and California Trust Law: Trustees have 100% personal responsibility when administering Trusts.

Maybe you’ve just faced the pain of losing a loved one, and you’re starting to see the steps you must take after death in California.

If you are appointed the Trustee of your loved ones’ Inheritance it can be more than a little stressful going through their belongings, finding their finances and deeds, paying their debts, paying their taxes, managing the Will and Living Trust they left behind, canceling subscriptions, closing bank accounts, and distributing assets to all their beneficiaries in a fair and legal manner.

This is often a long process, taking a year or more so prepare yourself and try to relax. This will take time and it will require patience. You should also immediately consider seeking professional assistance with the Trust Administration in California through an estate law firm such as ours.

CunninghamLegal provides complete Trust Administration Services in California, wherever you are as a Trustee and often work with people located out of state.

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