Laptop for Streaming in 2022

In this post at the beginning of 2022, we will discuss in depth some laptop for streaming. The laptops that we will review are especially for live streaming, youtube streaming, game streaming, content streaming, or streaming on other platforms.

A reliable laptop is needed for streaming, this article can help you find the best laptop for streaming. Streaming can be fun, but you need the processing power of the CPU, GPU, RAM, and a strong battery to stream well.

Processor (CPU), Graphics card (GPU), Screen Resolution, and also RAM are the most important specifications for a laptop if you are going to stream. Laptops for streaming that are unable to stream content or live video will crash.

For example, if you stream online games, then we recommend using a high-end processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU).

Streaming online is easy, but choosing the best laptop for streaming is a bit of a tricky job. It’s not like choosing a laptop for other needs because a laptop for streaming requires a connection to hardware such as cameras, microphones, tuners, and others needed for streaming purposes.

Things to Consider While Choosing Best Laptop for Streaming

Choosing the best laptop for streaming is something that must be considered before buying it. It’s hard to make a decision to choose the best laptop for streaming, because there are so many different laptop models on the market.

Here are things to consider before buying a laptop for streaming:


If you want to run apps smoothly without crashing while streaming then you must have a high-end CPU. Because, a laptop for streaming must have a high-power CPU so that it can handle many tasks simultaneously.

The higher the CPU speed you have, the video streaming or game streaming that you do will run and respond smoothly.

There are two types of CPUs that you need to know, namely quad-core and dual-core processors. quad-core processors require more power but these processors perform faster.

whereas dual-core processors are often used for simple tasks like streaming because they use less power and their performance is lower than quad-core processors.


Graphics card (GPU) is one of the hardware that plays an important role on your laptop screen when doing various things. applications that you run on a laptop will run smoothly if you use a high-end GPU.

A powerful GPU can make it easy for you to stream HD videos, play games, etc. without crashing.

Most laptops have an integrated graphics card (GPU), but there is also a separate video card that can be removed and upgraded if needed. If you want your laptop to run smoothly and without crashes, it’s a good idea to use a laptop with a dedicated graphics card.

NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon is a type of graphics card (GPU) that is often used for streaming, you can choose from one of them. But there are also some laptops have both.

If your budget has a lot of budget, we recommend getting a laptop that uses a dedicated graphics card (GPU) from Nvidia.


Random Access Memory or RAM is a piece of hardware inside a laptop that functions to temporarily store data when an application is run.

Ram really determines how smoothly a streaming application or game application loads when running, it all depends on the type of RAM and RAM capacity you are using.

The types of RAM that are often used today are DDR4 and DDR5.

DDR5 RAM is more dense than DDR4 RAM. DDR5 has speeds of up to 6.4 Gbps, while DDR4 RAM only has a maximum speed of up to 3.2 Gbps. So, the more RAM capacity you have, the more the faster the laptop will respond.


A laptop for streaming must have a good storage drive and the capacity must be sufficient.

Currently there are two types of storage drives that are often used, namely HDD (Harddisk drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive).
these two types of storage are too far apart both in terms of components and speed.

SSDs are capable of reading and writing data at speeds of up to 550 MB/s, while HDDs are only capable of speeds up to 60 MB/s. If you use SSD, then you can run applications faster than HDD.

However, SSDs are more expensive than HDDs and have less storage space than HDDs.

If your goal is to use a laptop for streaming or playing games, then it’s better for you to use a Solid-State Drive (SSD). This can launch file access faster.

We recommend using a minimum of 512GB or 1TB if you buy a laptop for streaming, because this capacity is more than enough to store records or other large files.


Laptop for Streaming requires bandwidth, so the faster the internet connection you use, the better the quality of the resulting streaming.

Good streaming quality is crucial if the downstream speed reaches 20Mbps or high. This can make it easier for you to stream.

We recommend that if the laptop for streaming you use is a multi-tasking model when streaming, then at least use a network with a speed of 50Mbps.

A laptop that supports an ethernet port would be nice if you can connect directly between the laptop ethernet port to the router, this can avoid worrying about other compatibility problems.

Most laptops now have a built-in WiFi connection or USB adapter.
The frequency and speed of the network depends on the wifi device being used such as Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-fi 6 is the latest release that has a higher frequency and speed than the previous wifi device, Wi-fi 6 with a speed of 600–9608 Mbit/s.

If you try this device, then make sure it supports router frequency and is compatible with other devices.


all types of laptops must have ports, but not all laptops have the same number of ports and different shapes.

The more ports, the better for your laptop. But the most needed port is the USB port. because, the USB port allows you to be able to connect external devices to the laptop.

You can connect external devices to the laptop such as Camera, Headset, Microphone, game controller, and others.

There are also some that have an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, this port can transmit image and sound data at once and can connect a laptop to various other devices, such as projectors, monitors, TVs.

if you want to stream on a bigger screen then choose a laptop for streaming that has an HDMI port.


All Laptops have an internal camera located above the screen. The camera can show your view or face to viewers who are watching while streaming.

Good image or video quality streaming results are very decisive on the camera, at least use a 720p resolution camera and if you want even better use a 1080p camera.

to improve streaming quality, buy a laptop for streaming that has a high-resolution camera.


Battery life should be considered when streaming. most people tend to forget to charge the battery during streaming.

to avoid running out of power, use a laptop for streaming at least the battery life can last at least 4 hours on a single charge.

If you plan on live streaming, streaming games, make sure to buy a laptop for streaming that has a long battery life and fast charging.


if you want to play games while streaming, use an adjustable keyboard. there are some laptops that have additional buttons to make playing games easier, it all depends on the model you buy.

On the other hand, if you want to stream in the open or on a trip, use a laptop with a keyboard that is easy to type on.

there is also a laptop that has a backlit keyboard this is perfect for you if you are streaming in a special room or dark place, this can help you see which key has been pressed.

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Best laptop specs for streaming

recommended system requirements laptop streaming

After browsing the various tech forums, we find a lot of people asking about:

What specs are needed for a streaming laptop?
What is the best laptop for live streaming?
Can You stream video on a laptop?
What are the features of a streaming laptop?

You can stream using a laptop, at least an Intel Core i5 CPU and an Intel UHD Graphics GPU. but make sure the laptop you are using has at least the minimum system requirements.

We recommend using a laptop for streaming with the following specifications:

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5Intel Core i7
GPUDirectX 11 compatible, Integrated UHD graphics4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or better
Stronge256GB SSD512GB SSD or better
Display13.3-inch FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)15.6-inch FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
BatteryUp to 4 HoursUp to 8 Hours

Top 10 Best Laptop For Streaming in 2022

We have summarized the best laptop recommendations for streaming based on specifications, performance, usability, and advantages.

1. Asus ROG Zephyrus S17

Asus ROG Zephyrus S17
Asus ROG Zephyrus S17

Specification Asus ROG Zephyrus S17

ProcessorIntel® Core™ i7-11800H Processor 2.3 GHz (24M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz, 8 Cores)
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060
Memory16GB DDR4
Display Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution17.3-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 16:9 anti-glare display
Storage Space1TB SSD
Ports1x 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack, HDMI 2.0b, USB 3.2 Type-A, USB 3.2 Type-C, RJ45 LAN port, card reader (SD)
Network and CommunicationWi-Fi 6(802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.2 (Dual band)
Battery90WHrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Weight‎3.97 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH39.4 x 26.4 x 1.99 ~ 1.99 cm (15.51″ x 10.39″ x 0.78″ ~ 0.78″)
OthersSmart Amp Technology, Dolby Atmos, Optical Mech Keyboard Per-Key RGB Touchpad

Review Asus ROG Zephyrus S17

Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 is the best laptop for streaming, especially for streaming online games because it is equipped with the latest graphics card for very smooth gaming visuals, data storage used is an SSD which can load streaming applications or games quickly. Not only that, but the screen is also slim and anti-glare.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 has dual screens that can serve the purpose of monitoring very well and make it easy for you to manage and cont rol all aspects of data flow. For example, when you stream using the Asus ROG Zephyrus S17, you can easily monitor and respond to chats, adjust audio, adjust settings, etc.

Talking about the performance that laptops need for streaming, the main factor to pay attention to is processing power. If the live broadcast or Streaming Game you want to run smoothly, then use a laptop for streaming that has sufficient capacity so that it can process data quickly, including other streaming support applications.

For this option, the laptop for streaming must have a CPU Core 6 to core 8. A small number of cores can slow down the process when playing games or streaming games, this can cause a slow effect. Take advantage of the high core, it can completely let you stream freely without any obstacles.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 includes an Intel® Core™ i7-11800H processor, which offers 8 cores with a processing speed of up to 4.6 GHz. This processor can provide enough power for streaming games without lag. The CPU is much higher than the AMD Ryzen.

Some Games must use a high graphics card to run at 60+FPS mode. The NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 Graphics Card installed on the Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 can provide all the maximum power for all the games you run. This graphics card is the latest generation of Nvidia at this time.

The storage space used by Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 is a Solid-State Drive (SSD) with a capacity of 1TB. This capacity is relatively large for storage, you can install streaming support applications, games, and others. SSD can load streaming applications faster without having to wait long, this can bring benefits to you and your audience.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 comes with a Max Capacity of 48GB DDR4 RAM, but only 16GB DDR4 is installed. This is an astonishing amount of RAM for a streaming laptop. You can run several applications at once with a RAM capacity of 16GB.

For good streaming quality, you need to pay attention to a fast and stable internet connection. Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), which can give you internet connection speeds of up to 2.4Gbps.

In terms of connection, there are three USB ports, a headset, and is also equipped with a USB-C port. This port can connect your laptop to other external devices, such as cameras and other supporting streaming devices.

The size of the laptop for streaming is like most other laptops, which is 17.3 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches. What sets it apart is that in terms of weight, the Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 weighs 5.5 pounds. The battery life lasts up to 5 hours, which is slightly worse than other laptops. However, this will not be a problem.

Overall, the Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 is the best laptop for streaming on the market. This laptop offers a lot of performance, excellent cooling, high-quality processing rates, has a screen that can make it easy for you to do things like manage flow settings, respond to chats, and other important tasks. If you can afford it even though it is expensive, this laptop for streaming will not disappoint you in the slightest.

These laptops for streaming are among the most expensive on the list we build in this article, but the hardware they’re packed with is powerful and has probably the best mix of laptops out there.

2. Dell Alienware X17

Dell Alienware X17 for Streaming Game

Specification Dell Alienware X17

Processor11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 11800H
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 6GB GDDR6
Memory16GB DDR4
Display Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution17.3″ FHD (1920 x 1080) 360Hz 1ms with ComfortView Plus, NVIDIA G-SYNC and Advanced Optimus
Storage Space512GB SSD
PortsUSB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, Thunderbolt™ 4, headset, HDMI,RJ45 Ethernet, microSD-card slot
Network and CommunicationKiller™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1675 802.11ax 2×2 Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 5.2
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Weight‎7.05 lb
Item Dimensions LxWxH20.90 x 299.57 x 399.23 mm
OthersAlienFX Lighting Technology, 4-way stereo speakers, Alienware mSeries keyboard, Touchpad

Review Dell Alienware X17

Dell Alienware X17 is powered by an 8-Core Intel Core i7 11800H processor with 24MB cache, and a maximum turbo speed of up to 4.6GHz.

For streaming rendering or graphics editing, the Dell Alienware X17 laptop uses an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 graphics card, this will make it more perfect when 4K streaming, video streaming, and game streaming.

Gamers are mostly looking for a laptop for streaming that can provide high performance to run games at high graphics settings. Dell Alienware X17 is suitable for this purpose, because the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card is able to handle almost all games such as Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, and other games at high settings.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 offers higher performance than previous generation NVIDIA graphics cards, even this graphics card can play games at ultra high settings.
Random Access Memory (RAM) This laptop is equipped with 16GB DDR4 that operates at speeds up to 3200MHz.

The most important thing you should know, memory bandwidth can provide support for the speed of performance. The Dell Alienware X17 can be upgraded up to 64GB of RAM.

With 512GB of PCIe NVMe SSD storage, the laptop gives you a blazing fast experience. Good laptop for streaming can make it easier for you to load applications in seconds, and smoothness will occur when you are streaming games.

Dell Alienware X17 has a 17.3-inch FHD (Full HD) display with a ComfortView Plus panel and a 1ms 360Hz refresh rate, making it one of the best laptop screens for streaming any game. With a screen this big, you can freely see your game optimally.

This laptop is also equipped with a keyboard with Alienware X-Series technology thin keyboard with per-key AlienFX lighting, which provides comfort when pressing keys faster and more accurately.

Alienware X-Series technology is pretty much the same used in high-end gaming desktops. Another interesting feature about the Dell Alienware X17 is that it has a Multi-touch gesture touchpad. Premium Precision glass touchpad with integrated scrolling, which can give you a softer touch experience than the previous version.

This laptop is equipped with various ports for connecting to external devices, there is one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, two USB 3.2 Gen 1, Type-C ports can be used to charge smartphones.

In addition, there are also HDMI 2.1 and Thunderbolt 4 ports for connecting a laptop to an external display.

The most important thing for streaming is an internet connection, this laptop is equipped with Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1675 802.11ax 2×2 Wireless LAN to be able to connect to Wifi, this will give you high speed while streaming.

In addition to the Wifi connection, there is also a Bluetooth 5.2 connection for a wireless headset, mouse, or keyboard.

The latest model of this Dell laptop comes with a 30 fps HD RGB camera resolution. Not only do you get the smoothest possible stream straight from your face-cam in the heat of online battle, but you look good while you’re at it.

The Alienware x17 also features a Tri-cool cooling system that uses three separate fans to dissipate heat from the processor, graphics card and power supply separately.

Even though the rear exhaust fan looks bulky, it keeps your laptop cool even during hours of gameplay. It gives you an uninterrupted gaming experience without any issues.

3. MSI Stealth GS77

MSI Stealth GS77
MSI Stealth GS77

Specification MSI Stealth GS77

Processor12th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9 processor
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti
MemoryDDR5-4800 Memory Type
Display Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution17.3″ UHD (3840×2160), 120 Hz Refresh Rate,100% DCI-P3, IPS-Level panel (Optional)
Storage Space1TB SSD
PortsUSB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, Thunderbolt™ 4, headset, HDMI,RJ45 Ethernet, microSD-card slot
Network and CommunicationKiller Gb LAN (Up to 2.5G), Intel® Killer™ AX Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth 5.2
Battery99.9Whr Battery Capacity
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Weight‎2.8 kg
Item Dimensions LxWxH397.6 x 283.5 x 20.1~20.8 mm
OthersAlienFX Lighting Technology, 4-way stereo speakers, Alienware mSeries keyboard, Touchpad

Review MSI Stealth GS77

In early 2022, MSI has released the latest laptop, the MSI Stealth GS77. This laptop measures 17.3 inches, but the current MSI version is equipped with a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor and a GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti GPU 16GB GDDR6 GPU.

In addition, the MSI Stealth GS77 uses DDR5 RAM which can be upgraded up to 64GB RAM. This can help improve the performance of your laptop while streaming.

The MSI Stealth GS77 is definitely not a small laptop, only 0.81 inches thick and weighing around 4.5 pounds but still relatively portable.

The GS77 gets an even softer keyboard to help you do your job, though the keyboard still comes with a full keyboard.

In addition, the Stealth GS77 is equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A port, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, Thunderbolt 4, SD card slot, 3.5 mm headset jack, and a fingerprint reader.

You can also connect with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, a full HD 1080p webcam with infrared sensor and block switch for security, and a six-speaker sound system.

The battery capacity of this laptop is 99.99Whr and the power adapter is 240W, which means you get excellent battery life. This laptop is perfect for streaming for a long time.

One of the ways that distinguishes the MSI Stealth GS77 from the previous generation MSI is in the cooler. The Stealth GS77 comes with a new metal cooler that can cool down when the laptop reaches a temperature of 136 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so can cool the processor and thermal block, leading to a more efficient exterior.

The latest Smart Auto Audio feature is designed to be smarter to adjust laptop performance, so you don’t have to adjust manually anymore.

The Ambient Silent AI fan mode is smooth and quiet, keeping your surroundings quiet. This laptop can increase your extra performance, because its specs are high level.

4. Asus ROG Strix G15

Asus ROG Strix G15 Laptop For Streaming Game

Specification Asus ROG Strix G15

ProcessorAMD Ryzen™ 7 4800H Mobile Processor (8C/16T, 12MB Cache, 4.2 GHz Max Boost)
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060
Memory16GB DDR4
Display Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution15.6-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) 16:9 anti-glare display
Storage Space1TB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 SSD
PortsUSB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, HDMI 2.0, Combo Audio Jack
Network and CommunicationWi-Fi 6(802.11ax)+Bluetooth 5.1
Battery90WHrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Weight‎2.30 Kg (5.07 lbs)
Item Dimensions LxWxH35.4 x 25.9 x 2.26 ~ 2.72 cm (13.94″ x 10.20″ x 0.89″ ~ 1.07″)
OthersSmart Amp Technology, Dolby Atmos, Backlit Chiclet Keyboard Per-Key

Review Asus ROG Strix G15

The ASUS series of laptops for streaming this time is the Asus ROG Strix G15, this laptop has strong performance and is within the budget you have.

The sleek design makes streaming gamers want it, plus there’s an attractive RGB element effect on the edge of the case.

As a gamer, the Asus ROG Strix G15 is generally considered one of the best gaming streaming laptops available today. Because this laptop uses an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor.

The combination of the 4.2 GHz clock rate and the number of cores it has makes it a powerful laptop for streaming. In addition, the extra cooling system and efficient ventilation can make the processor’s performance avoid overheating.

The use of the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3060 GPU will ensure compatibility with high-end software, you may have to adjust the graphics settings to keep the framerate high.

With this graphics card, you can play quality games at frame rates up to 60 FPS with amazing visuals.

Asus ROG Strix G15 is also included with 16GB of RAM. It will handle any operations you need to perform, including top-level graphics when streaming or running other programs.

On the storage side there is a 1TB M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 SSD, this is a fairly large size especially for storing files and installing software, this SSD storage can provide fast laptop load times for your streaming.

In addition, this laptop uses Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and supports speeds of up to 1Gbps and similar speeds are also available on ethernet / LAN connections, with these speeds you can stream your online games smoothly without any obstacles in the connection section.

In terms of audio, the Asus ROG Strix G15 offers 2x 4W speakers with Smart Amp and a single built-in microphone. The speaker has a clear sound and transmits optimal audio quality.

Unfortunately, this ROG model doesn’t have a webcam, for streaming you can get a good external webcam that can work especially for satisfying streamer quality.

This laptop is 1.07 inches thick and weighs 2.30 Kg (5.07 lbs). That’s not a bad thing for a gaming laptop. On average the battery can last up to 10 hours, but with the CPU and GPU running at full speed it will reduce faster.

Asus ROG Strix G15 has 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C support, 3x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1x HDMI 2.0b, and 1x 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack. Some of them are placed in the back.

Overall, the Asus ROG Strix G15 would be a good choice if you’re looking for something that can be used as a laptop for streaming games at home or on the go.

Right now, there may be much better laptop options on the market, but the Asus ROG Strix G15 is still a powerful laptop for streaming on Twitch and certainly within your budget.

5. Gigabyte Aero 15

Gigabyte Aero 15 Laptop For Streaming
Gigabyte Aero 15 Laptop For Streaming

Specification Gigabyte Aero 15

Processor11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11980HK (2.6GHz~5.0GHz)
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Laptop GPU 16GB GDDR6
Memory16GB DDR4
Display Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution15.6″ Thin Bezel UHD 3840×2160 Samsung AMOLED Display (VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black, 100% DCI-P3)
Storage Space1TB SSD
PortsUSB 3.2 Gen1 (Type-A),Thunderbolt™ 4 (Type-C), HDMI 2.1, SD Card Reader,3.5mm Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack
Network and CommunicationLAN: RTL8125-BG REALTEK (2.5G) Ethernet, WLAN : Intel® AX200 Wireless (802.11ax, a/b/g/n/ac/ax compatible),Bluetooth® V5.2
BatteryLi Polymer 99Wh
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Weight5.07 lb
Item Dimensions LxWxH14.02(W) x 9.85(D) x 0.84 ~ 0.85(H) inch
OthersGIGABYTE Fusion RGB Per-Key Backlit Keyboard, HD Camera, DTS:X® Ultra

Review Gigabyte Aero 15

Gigabyte Aero 15 is a laptop that is designed in such a way and attractive for playing games. Not only that, this laptop is also suitable as a laptop for streaming Twitch.

Aero 15 is equipped with an 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11980HK processor clocked at up to 5.0GHz, this processor is quite powerful and very good for any gamer who wants to stream online.

This laptop also has an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 16GB GDDR6 GPU, which allows you to play games with high quality, this GPU will not crash when streaming any game.

In terms of specs for streaming laptops, this laptop has a strong ability to handle whatever needs you need, even if it’s games like PUBG, Minecraft, Mobile Legends, Fortnite, and others.

This laptop comes with 2x DDR4 Slots which can be upgraded up to 64GB RAM, but only 16GB is available.

The storage type is a 512 GB NVMe SSD, which can cope with high-speed loads and boot times. This will also affect the streaming speed. Because, you don’t have to wait long for a video to load while watching it live.

The AERO 15 OLED laptop has an attractive visual appearance, the type of screen used is a 15.6-inch Samsung AMOLED 4K which can provide extra brightness, a higher contrast ratio and supports 100% DCI-P3 colors. This screen allows you to view images or videos in very clear quality.

In addition, it is also equipped with anti-glare, so streaming outside will not affect the lighting. Incredibly high 1080p, 1440p or 4k resolution to stream games without any graphics issues.

This laptop won’t hesitate to stream, as the high-quality display makes it one of the best for streaming and can handle the large number of graphic files required for streaming.

The AERO 15 OLED laptop has many ports, which will make it easier for you to connect external devices to the laptop. There are 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 x HDMI 2.0 port, 1 x Thunderbolt 4 port, and a 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack.

Support for a wired connection (LAN) on this laptop at speeds up to 1Gbps and Wireless Connection in the form of the latest generation of Wi-FI 802.11AX (Wi-Fi 6) up to a transfer speed of 2.4Gbps. These are the best specs for streaming games.

This laptop is designed with a movable webcam cover, it can give you control over your privacy wherever you are.

Regarding privacy, the AERO 15 OLED also has a fingerprint sensor using advanced technology and a touchpad that supports registration of multiple touch inputs.

New exclusive WINDFORCE cooling technology, found in the AERO 15 OLED laptop. This cooler Comes with 5 heat outputs, 2 fans and copper heat fins which increase overall heat dissipation by 30%. This can make AERO stable even when playing heavy games or multi-tasking large applications.

GIGABYTE Fusion technology elevates the AERO Keyboard to a whole new level. This technology makes this laptop keyboard brighter and brighter than the previous version. every time you press a key on the keyboard it’s now even more responsive.

Audio section, AERO 15 OLED uses DTS:X Ultra audio technology which allows you to enjoy clear and high quality audio. When streaming games, DTS: X Ultra can provide a 3D surround effect and your voice is also clearer. In addition, DTS:X Ultra can remove noise from incoming and outgoing audio.

5. Razer Blade 17

Razer Blade 17 Gaming and Streaming Laptop

Specification Razer Blade 17

ProcessorIntel Core i7 10875H 8 cores (2.3 GHz boost up to 5.1 GHz)
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q
Memory16GB DDR4
Display Size17.3 Inches
Screen Resolution17.3 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) 3300 Hz 100% sRGB atau 17.3 inch 4K (3840 x 2160) TFT Touch Display 120 Hz 100% Adobe RGB
Storage Space512 GB SSD M.2 NVMe PCIe
Ports3x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A, 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C support Thunderbolt 3, RJ45 Ethernet 2.5 Gb, 1x power port, 1x HDMI 2.0b, Ix UHS-III SD Card Reader
Network and CommunicationWi-Fi 6 (Intel AX200), Bluetooth 5.0
BatteryBuilt-in 70.5WHr lithium polymer batter
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Weight6.06 pounds (2.75 kg)
Item Dimensions LxWxH0.78 x 15.55 x 10.24 inches
OthersHD webcam 720p, Per-Key RGB anti-ghosting backlit keyboard, Glass Touchpad, Stereo Speakers, Dolby® Atmos

Review Razer Blade 17

Having a gaming laptop is one of the prides for some people, and may be an ideal for others. As for having a laptop that can be used to process images and graphics is a necessity for some people as well.

But what happens if you can get a gaming laptop with very high performance, and can be used to stream games so smoothly.

Not to mention its very thin shape, modern design, simple, and can be carried everywhere. It seems that such a laptop is a bit difficult to find huh? Eits, but wait until you read our review of razer blade 17!

Advantages of a very attractive design with a very high build quality, performance including the most powerful in its class, a 300 Hz screen supported by a capable GPU, long lasting battery.

Razer Blade 17 is one of the best gaming laptops for streaming released by Razer. laptops from this series always attract the attention of consumers and reviewers around the world.

As one of the premium gaming laptops, of course Razer Blade 17 is a laptop that has a niche market or market segment that is specific and very specific. Most of its users are from the upper middle class, considering the price is unusually high.

The Razer Blade 17 has a much improved performance compared to the previous series. Razer provides several options, namely between a full HD mate screen with a refresh rate of 300 Hz that for some people is overkilled, or choose a 4K screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

When opening this laptop you will find aluminum onyx that makes this laptop look more premium and expensive. Combined with metal keyboard deck, as well as a touchpad that is quite large and has the right position.

Engineersat Razer successfully created an air circulation system without changing the design of this laptop. Because this ventilation will not be visible at all when you are using this laptop. The Razer Blade 17 air vent is embedded in the hinges of this laptop, which is just below the screen.

In terms of dimensions this laptop has a size of 395 x 260 x 19.9 mm with a weight of 2.75 kg. The weight is indeed somewhat heavy but certainly not surprising considering the screen size of this laptop which is 17 inches.

One of the other advantages that we think the Razer Blade 17 has for streaming is the large number of port options that can be used. Even for the size of a high-performance laptop that is this thin, we think the Razer Blade 17 is already very good.

On the left side you can find 1 power port, 1 2.5 Gb Ethernet port, 2 USB 3.2 Type A Gen 2, and 1 USB Type C 3.2 Gen 2. On the right side you can get 1 piece of USB 3.2 Type A Gen 2, 1 piece of USB 3.2 Type C Gen 2, 1 hdmi port 2.0b, 1 uhs III SD Card slot, and 1 kensington lock.

This abundant number of ports we think is very useful considering that all have high data transfer rates. In addition, the USB C port owned by this laptop also supports Thunderbolt 3 and power delivery.

Lastly in terms of connectivity this laptop already uses Intel WiFi-6 AX201 and Bluetooth 5.0 which both of course already support high-speed data transfer features.

It comes with a 17.3 inch IPS grade panel matte display, with FHD resolution (1920 x 1080) and a very high refresh rate, which is 300 Hz. Asa consideration, most laptops for streaming games today will certainly choose the type of screen that reaches the number 300 Hz.

The quality that the screen of this laptop has, at least according to claims from Razer, is very high! With factory calibration, this screen has 100% Adobe RGB color accuracy, 100% sRGB, and 95% DCI-P3.

This kind of color accuracy is usually only obtained on high performance laptops that are devoted to graphic designers, editors, or content creators. But you can get it for a gaming laptop.

Razer Blade 17 for game streaming Has a keyboard with island style aka chiclet keyboard, this laptop offers its users a very comfortable keyboard. In terms of size, spacing, to feel when using it.

The keyboard owned by the Razer Blade 17 has a fairly shallow travel, and a rather springy feel. However, indeed, most laptops with chiclet style keyboard like this, arguably very comfortable to use both for gamers to typists or you who type a lot to work.

Well, the touchpad owned by Razer Blade 17 is quite spacious, and very responsive. In addition, the material of making this laptop touchpad also in our opinion makes it very comfortable to use with glassyfeel.

Although we think the touchpad on a laptop in this class is not too important, considering that most people who buy a laptop in this class will definitely use a mouse, especially for playing games.

The Razer Blade 17 peaker is on the left right of the keyboard, the upfiring speakers of the Razer Blade 17 are one of the interesting things. Indeed, the position of the speakers on the laptop is actually a personal preference of its users.

But we ourselves are much more happy on laptops with upfiring speakers than downfiring speakers whose sound quality is influenced by the surface of the laptop seat.

The quality of the speakers owned by this laptop is also very good, quite loud, but clean and comfortable to use for playing games. When trying to play games without a headset, you will still be able to take advantage of the built-in speakers of this laptop.

Not to mention you have been equipped with dolby atmos built-in software that has certain presets. If you are more understanding, you may even be able to make your own presets so that the sound of this laptop feels right in the ear.

Located just above the screen, this laptop is equipped with an HD-quality webcam that can at least take pictures with clean and clear quality when you are in a room that is light enough.

As for when the lack of light, like most webcams from laptops today, the quality issued also decreases. But at least it’s worth using.

With this thin size, Razer Blade 17 is equipped with an Intel Core i7 10875H CPU with 8 cores (2.3 GHz boost up to 5.1 GHz).

The memory owned by this laptop is 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 2933 MHz RAM that you can still upgrade again to the size of 64 GB. In addition, this laptop has been equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q GPU.

The storage capacity of this laptop is an M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD measuring 512 GB. Although relatively small for laptops as powerful as this, but the storage capacity you can upgrade with SSD and SATA considering there is an empty slot in it.

With this kind of performance, you should no longer need to complain about the daily performance owned by this laptop. Ssd speed is also relatively high, namely reading and writing speed almost reaches 3000 MBps!

Here are the test results that use some synthetic benchmarks that exist. When tried using 3DMark Fire Strike obtained a score of 18,070 which is very high!

When tested using PCMark 10, this laptop gets a pretty fantastic value of 6,587. This value is quite high and beats some laptops in its class.

When testing the CPU using Geekbench 5.0, the score was 1,314 (single core) and 6,164 (multi core). The score is again quite fantastic, especially if we try to compare with some laptops that use equivalent CPUs.

As for when trying to play the actual game, this laptop also managed to get quite fantastic numbers. For example, when trying to play Far Cry 5 1080p, ultra, this laptop recorded the number 105 FPS.

All the scores obtained by this laptop, either on synthetic benchmark or when tried to play games that are actually quite high, even for most games today.

The battery life owned by this laptop is relatively long, for a high-performance laptop. For example, when trying to stream games on Youtube better battery mode and 30% brightness is obtained more than 4 hours.

The Razer Blade 17 has an amazingly great vapor chamber cooling system. When trying to play some games,the core temperature of the CPU ranges from 78 to 82C, while the GPU temperature can be stable at 70C. The temperature is not too high for a laptop for streaming games.

In addition, the core temperature of the CPU and GPU of this laptop is still very safe, and we think it is not high enough to make thermal throttling that can make the laptop’s performance drop suddenly.