HP Envy Vs Asus Zenbook Laptop Comparison

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, you might find yourself facing the dilemma of choosing between two similar laptops from two different companies. The HP Envy and the Asus Zenbook are both good options if you want to save some money but still get great quality and performance in your laptop.

The overall design and specs might be similar between these two devices, but there are some important differences that can help you decide which one you should buy. If you’re interested in buying either the Envy or the Zenbook, then continue reading to find out more about each of these laptops.

HP Envy Laptops

HP is a company well-known for its line of laptops, but they only offer two main versions—the thin and light version (Envy) and then their larger, more professional version (ProBook).

HP’s Envy line of laptops is often considered a leader in design, and for good reason HP’s been trying to keep up with Apple in recent years by coming out with beautifully designed machines that also boast superb performance.

The company is known for its sleek all-metal designs, but if you want an aluminum or copper laptop then you’re going to have to spend upwards of $2,000. Even at those prices, though, these are still some of the best laptops on the market from a hardware standpoint.

If you need an absolute powerhouse that looks good doing it then look no further than one of these machines, they’ll set you back quite a bit but are worth every penny when it comes to both power and design.

ASUS ZenBook Laptops

By far one of ASUS’ best-known series of laptops, there are many advantages to choosing a ZenBook laptop. They’re lightweight and thin, making them easy to carry around with you as you travel or commute to work every day.

The laptop has a premium design that is both sturdy and stylish at once, most users who purchase a ZenBook often do so because they want something more durable than their previous laptops, but don’t want to sacrifice good looks for that extra sturdiness.

With its all-aluminum build, a ZenBook looks great whether it’s open or closed, and will stand up against drops better than other metal laptops on the market without sacrificing portability like with other laptops made of plastic or chunky metal designs.

The Final Decision

When it comes to comparing two laptops, you have to consider so many different factors and ultimately it comes down to individual preference. For example, what do you plan on using your laptop for? If you’re a graphic designer or business owner who relies heavily on their laptop, you may want to consider an Asus notebook over an HP model since Asus is a more well-known brand in that arena.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that can do some light gaming here and there and have a lot of storage space, then go with an HP laptop instead.