Best Cheap Touchscreen Laptop 2022

If you are in the market to buy the best cheap touchscreen laptop, there will be a large selection of affordable touchscreen laptops. While this fact can be interesting, it can also overwhelm you when trying to pick the best cheap touchscreen laptop out of all the different models and brands available.

The touch screen feature is not only owned by smartphones and tablets, now laptop manufacturers have started to produce and market cheap touchscreen laptops to provide convenience and flexibility for their users. Because the majority of touchscreen laptops can become tablets, and the screen can be removed or hinged 360 degrees.

Not only can it be used as a laptop, but users can also remove or fold the laptop screen and make it a tablet aka a laptop that can be folded and touchscreen.

There are also regular laptops that are not hybrid, convertible, or 2-in-1 types that use touch screen features. There are even some laptops that can be used with a pen or stylus. This can make it easier for those of you who like to draw.

Before you start your search, consider these five tips for choosing the best cheap touchscreen laptop for your needs.

Things to consider when buying the best cheap touchscreen laptop 2022

If you’re looking to buy a cheap touchscreen laptop, there are several factors you’ll want to consider before making your purchase.

Most of these factors relate to the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your computer, but others depend on what you’ll be using it for and whether or not you need specific features or programs that may or may not come included with your laptop of choice.

Here are five tips for choosing the best cheap touchscreen laptop for your personal needs and preferences.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cheap Touchscreen Laptop

Consider your budget

Remember when it comes to touchscreen laptops, you get what you pay for. Decent cheap touchscreen laptops start at around $500, which isn’t bad if you know what to look for. But if money is no object, don’t be afraid to go all out with a $3,000+ laptop that will last you several years before needing a repair or upgrade. Of course, if money is tight (which it usually is), do your best to find a happy medium between quality and cost. In short: Figure out how much of your budget can be spent on a new computer and then find one that fits within those parameters.

Consider screen size

A good place to start is by thinking about screen size. Most touchscreen laptops have a maximum screen size of 14 inches, but you’ll find some touchscreen laptops have screens up to 17 inches. If you plan on using your touch laptop primarily for watching videos or playing games, it’s best to get one with a larger screen size (about 13-14 inches). This will give you better picture quality.

Consider build quality

The best cheap touchscreen laptop is not only a great tool, but it needs to be built well. Build quality encompasses everything from materials used in construction to how many times you’ll have to take it in for repairs over its lifetime. To prevent it from being damaged when on the go, choose a laptop with a solid build that won’t weigh you down or feel flimsy in your hands. This can be even more important if you intend to use your computer as a tablet or otherwise not rely on an external keyboard or mouse.

Consider processing power

Processors come in different brands, speeds, and generations. The best cheap touchscreen laptop will have one of today’s newest generations of processors. Processors of a higher generation typically bring more performance, which will make your touchscreen laptop feel faster than a cheaper model with an older processor. Try to get something like an Intel Core i3 or i5 series processor. The latest processors also use less power, which means better battery life. For example, consider an Intel Core i7–8650U quad-core processor and you should see up to 15 hours of battery life on some machines with batteries that are just over 10 inches wide.

Consider software pre-installed

While you may think you’re saving a few bucks by purchasing a computer with software already installed, it’s important to consider whether or not you can afford to use it. Many of these bundled programs come with hefty price tags if you decide to purchase them separately. Instead, choose a laptop that allows you to completely customize and install your own software; that way, any free programs from previous computers will be available at no additional cost.

11 Best Cheap Touchscreen Laptop 2022

If you want to switch to a touchscreen laptop, take a look at the list of quality products that we recommend below.

1. Razer Blade Pro 17

Thin and light touchscreen gaming laptop
The 2021 Razer Blade Pro 17 represents the pinnacle of gaming laptop design. On this laptop there is some high-end hardware that is embedded by Razer. Examples include an Nvidia RTX 2080 laptop GPU and a 9th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, along with a 17.3-inch 120Hz 4K display, all packed into an impressively slim design.

The keyboard on this laptop is powered by Razer Chroma RGB which can be customized for productivity or gaming with the front-facing speakers on its sides to keep your work and games fun and engaging.

Internally, this laptop has extensive storage and memory options, each with 512GB SSD type internal storage and 32GB super-large DDR4 RAM, to keep up with the latest games that demand fast computing and high-level graphics processing.

In terms of size, its dimensions are indeed wide, but it has a light and slim body. Although for some people it is quite a hassle when carried everywhere, in the light of the current conditions that make more people at home, the Razer Blade Pro is good as a PC replacement.

2. Acer Swift 5 SF514

Graphic laptops are synonymous with decent size and weight. This is understandable because the graphics capabilities must be supported by qualified innards, which will affect the dimensions and weight of the laptop as a whole.

But a high-end graphics laptop with thin dimensions and a weight of only 990 grams? That’s a great technical achievement, and that’s exactly what Acer is showing with this Acer Swift 5 SF514 54GT Ultrabook. Dimensions and weight are not the only features of this laptop.

Its performance also cannot be underestimated. Not surprising because it is powered by a 1st generation Intel Core processor which is more efficient in power consumption. Regarding graphics, the presence of an integrated Intel Iris GPU makes it able to do various jobs that require high graphics without an additional graphics card.

If we liken this laptop to a school student, he will surely become a popular student and become the object of the envy of his friends. Besides being super smart, the Acer Swift 5 SF514 54GT is also beautiful with support for four color choices, namely Blue, White, Pink, and Silver. Acer seems to include all the excellent features for this laptop. But the most important thing is that it is powerful, fast, convenient to use, and can last for 12 hours.

3. Toshiba Satellite L50T-B1779

The Toshiba Satellite L50T-B1779 is one of the best options you can choose if you need a touchscreen laptop that has a widescreen size. How not, Toshiba is unmitigated to affix a 15.6-inch HD screen with ten touchpoints. That way, you will be really spoiled with the expanse of the screen and its visual appearance.

In addition to widescreen, this laptop has also been supported by better performance thanks to the processor it has. Toshiba has embedded an Intel Core i5-5200U processor that is nicely combined with an Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics card plus AMD Radeon R7 M260 to support its performance to make it even more powerful.

Not only that, 4GB of RAM has also been nicely embedded to make the response and system increase. With the support of Windows 8.1, this laptop will blow your mind with its cool, up-to-date appearance, and has been integrated with one drive. Its weight is also quite light compared to other laptops.

4. Dell XPS 13 9370

Dell re-launched its top-class touchscreen laptop through the Dell XPS 13 9370. This laptop is different from the others because it has a belle-like appearance and dazzling performance sector. Not only that, Dell also awarded it with a weight of no more than 1.5 kg, a 13-inch screen, and the Windows 10 operating system as well as a variety of interesting features and a beautiful interface that many people like.

To support the graphic display, Dell has installed an anti-glare IPS screen and a thin bezel with a brightness level of up to 400 nits. Regarding quality, there is no doubt, you will be spoiled with treats of 4K resolution ultra HD image quality. In addition, whatever digital activities you do on this laptop, there will be no obstacles.

The reason is, Dell already uses an Intel Core i7 CPU, large RAM capacity, and 128/256 GB SSD memory. The ability of the Dell XPS 13 9370 received a positive response from users and managed to win two international awards at once.

5. Microsoft Surface Go 2

The simple design of the Surface Go 2 still has a more premium look and feel than a tablet or laptop of the same price. Along with a built-in kickstand that rotates 165 degrees, the Surface Go 2 is more functional than its competitors.

With the extended kickstand, the tablet can be propped up or converted into a laptop via the optional cover-type keyboard. The Microsoft Surface Go 2 has the same port options as the previous model. On the right side, there’s a USB-C input, a Surface Connect port (for charging and pairing), and a headphone jack.

Microsoft has also put a microSD card slot under the kickstand, and the LTE version has a Nano-SIM slot on the left side. The dual speakers on the Surface Go 2 are located on the top left and right sides of the screen. Sounds loud enough without distortion at 100% volume. The sound quality is very good. Vocals sound crisp, there’s plenty of detail in the midrange and treble that isn’t overdone.

Regarding the specifications of the innards, Microsoft uses an Intel Core M3 processor which is specially designed for tablets. Support for 8GB RAM and internal aka SSD type ROM is also provided with a capacity of 128GB for a fast boot process.

6. Lenovo Ideapad D330

Despite the lack of connectivity, the Lenovo IdeaPad D330 is still capable of supporting light daily productivity. For example, browsing or working with Office applications. This makes it one of the relatively affordable Windows 10-based computing devices and is quite adequate to replace a laptop.

In addition, the flexibility of a 2-in-1 that can be used as a laptop and tablet, compact dimensions, and long battery life are some of the plus points that make it mandatory to consider. The Lenovo IdeaPad D330 is suitable for students, students, or workers who only need standard computing needs.

The screen is multi-touch with just 10 inches. It is quite large when used as a tablet, but still light when supported by hands. The RAM used is 8GB with 128GB of eMMC type internal storage. For the processor itself, Lenovo includes an Intel Celeron N4020 which is sufficient for browsing, office, and social media.

7. Acer Spin 3 SP314-51

Acer has again rolled out its newest product in the Spin series, namely the Spin 3 SP314-51 which is targeted to target consumers with basic computing needs, such as employees and students. This laptop will certainly be very friendly to them, especially students. In addition to being priced at a fairly affordable price, the specs it has are quite stunning.

This laptop is powered by a li-on battery with a capacity of 4605 mAh which is claimed to have a long and tough endurance, up to 10-12 hours of use. It’s perfect for accompanying you to do your homework until late at night without having to bother looking for plugs.

In addition, this laptop supports portability thanks to its relatively lightweight of 1.7 kg and a thickness of only 1.9 cm, as well as the screen tilt that can be adjusted to an angle of 180 degrees. That way, you can take it everywhere and use it practically and easily.

In the kitchen sector, Acer has entrusted an Intel Core i5 8250U processor with a CPU speed of 1.6-3.4 GHz and a storage capacity of up to 1 TB HDD. In addition, Intel UHD Graphics 620 has also been paired for the sensation of a magical graphic experience.

8. HP Envy X360 13

The HP Envy X360 13 is here as one of the premium touch screen laptops in the Indonesian market. The processor specifications used are the latest Intel Core i7, which is the 11th generation. Coupled with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD internal storage for faster loading.

You can use this laptop in four usage modes. There are laptop mode, stand mode, tent mode, and tablet mode. Dimensionally, it’s still quite ergonomic. 30 cm long, almost 20 cm wide, and just under 2 cm thick. Weight is also still tolerable, only 1.2 kg. The charger is small with a mass of 190 grams.

This laptop has a 13.3-inch screen with Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 60hz. These three specs meet Intel EVO requirements. The panel used is IPS, with 100% sRGB color coverage and an above average brightness level of 400 nits.

9. Asus Zenbook UX393EA

This laptop is part of the Zenbook S series. It has a thin, light, and well-designed body. Sleek unibody design with metal alloys to provide toughness and attractive shape. A sophisticated new Jade Black pattern featuring a red copper diamond cut edge.

The total weight is only 1.35 kg, light and easy to carry anywhere. Slim and compact so it’s also comfortable when placed in a bag. Even thanks to the amazing battery life, you can go without the need to carry a charger, automatically reducing your burden.

Asus has pinned the latest 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor with turbo boost capability. The RAM is DDR4 type with a capacity of 16 GB. Don’t forget SSD support for faster booting and data processing, 1TB super large.

10. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 5

As usual, Lenovo presents a laptop with such an impressive design. Clamshell design with a body made from a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate. The colors given are also beautiful, platinum gray, graphite gray, and Light teal silky.

As the name implies, this touchscreen laptop is slim, aka slim. It is less than 2 cm thick, with a length of 32 cm and a width of 21 cm. Its weight is also light, only 1.4 kg. The built quality is so good that there is no flex in the screen panel or the body and keyboard.

The screen is 14 inches wide, surrounded by thin bezels, making it pleasing to the eye. The resolution is Full HD with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The brightness level of 300 nits is comfortable on the eyes and can be seen when used outdoors.

For specifications, Lenovo uses AMD’s chipset, the Ryzen 5 4500U which is specially designed for use on laptops. The graphics are integrated AMD Radeon with 8GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

11. ASUS Chromebook Flip C214MA

Like the Chromebook series in general, Asus has also designed this product specifically for students. The specifications have been designed in such a way as to be able to perform various simple computations for educational purposes. An Intel Celeron processor has been embedded which is combined with 4GB of RAM.

The screen has a span of 11.6 inches with a 360-degree flexible model so that it can be a tablet. That way, the screen also has a touch screen capability that is very responsive. Middle school, high school, and college students can use it well for entertainment activities too, even though it’s hard to play games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cheap touchscreen laptop is best?

This answer depends on a number of factors. To make sure you choose the best cheap touchscreen laptop for your needs, it’s important to understand what makes a good touchscreen laptop (and what doesn’t). For example, screen resolution affects your ability to view text and graphics; a display with too low a resolution can lead to headaches and squinting. At lower resolutions, letters tend to look jagged or blurry—not only does that create eye strain but it also makes reading difficult. A good touchscreen laptop should have a resolution of at least 1600×900 pixels—ideally 1920×1080—with full high definition (1920×1080) being even better if you plan on watching videos on your new computer.

What is the difference between a touchscreen laptop and a 2-in-1 laptop?

There are two main differences between a laptop and a 2-in-1. The first is that while laptops tend to have only one or two fixed positions, from which you can use them, 2-in-1s are designed with multiple hinge options, allowing them to be used in different configurations. The second is that instead of using touchscreens, most laptops rely on keyboards and mice for user input. Touchscreens are usually reserved for tablets or other mobile devices. However, recently there has been a growing trend toward incorporating touchscreens into laptop models as well.

How to Care for and Clean a Touchscreen Laptop Screen

Many people are confused when dealing with touchscreen laptop maintenance, especially how to clean the screen to keep it safe and always clean. Of course, to clean the touchscreen screen, you have to be more careful so as not to damage the screen or cause a short circuit. The first thing you have to do to clean it is of course to turn off the laptop first so that there is no electricity connection.

After that, you can use a dry cloth to clean the dust that sticks to the surface of the laptop screen. Next, you can spray the cleaning liquid on the cloth and start rubbing it on the laptop screen.

Don’t forget to wait until the screen is completely dry from the used cleaning fluid so that there is no short circuit when you turn it on. If the laptop is completely dry, you can turn on your laptop and use it again.

Conclusion on Best Cheap Touch Screen Laptop

When shopping for a new laptop, it’s important to take your time and weigh all of your options. The best cheap touchscreen laptop is one that meets your needs and provides you with value. Look into which operating system you like best, whether you want a convertible or touch screen, and how much storage space is needed. These are all factors in determining what’s best.

Many people choose touchscreen laptops to accompany their daily mobility. Especially those that have multifunctional features with hinges that can be rotated up to 360 degrees. That way, they can adapt the selected mode to their use.

For example, if you want a more intuitive and practical display, you can use tablet mode. Although not all touchscreen laptops have these features, one thing that is obtained from touchscreen laptops is their convenience, practicality, and portability.