‘The Act of Killing’ to feature in IRCT’s 26 June campaign

This year the 26 June Global Campaign has teamed up with the team behind Oscar-nominated documentary ‘The Act of Killing’ to distribute free film screenings to mark the day of fighting impunity.

A shot from critically-acclaimed The Act of Killing

A shot from critically-acclaimed The Act of Killing

The film, from Joshua Oppenheimer, portrays a society shaped by extreme violence, where past atrocities are yet to be reconciled and painful memories are yet to be incorporated into public discourse. By reflecting on the condition of impunity, the film raises critical questions related to this year’s campaign theme: fighting impunity.

To mark the day the film team are allowing those hosting 26 June campaigns across the world to host the film for free, for a limited period of time.

So far 15 centres have received permission from the filmmakers to host a screening with four screenings planned in the next few weeks by BCHRD  in Bangladesh,  RCTV Memoria in Moldova, HRO in Sri Lanka, Ethel AMSA in the Phillipinnes, and CVT in Kenya.

Now you can join too.

How to host a screening

To host a screening all you need to do is write our friend Elinor from Filmplatform.net (elinor@filmplatform.net) and let her know you wish to screen the film as part of your 26 June campaign. She will send you an agreement for a one-time screening and you will receive the film in a suitable format, depending on your needs.

Also if you wish to invite the director for a post-screening discussion via Skype, you can do that too. Just let Elinor know and she will check on availability.

It is an exciting development for this year’s campaign, which promises to be the biggest yet.

For all the relevant material for the campaign this year, click this link.

Those who tortured you to speak now want you silent.
Join us in fighting impunity on 26 June.



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