Hear our voices: organisations share their visions for a world without torture

Around this time of year – roughly a month after 26 June – we in the Communications Team are busy gathering emails from anti-torture organisations, rehabilitation centres and activist groups around the world. While the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is honoured in hundreds of different ways, the IRCT brings these disparate activities together under our annual Global Report.

We believe this report shows the power and diversity of the global movement against torture and in support of torture rehabilitation.

This year, I’ve been really impressed not only by the diversity of activities, but the various ways in which organisations get their message out. Not content with simply print media and photos, many have turned to radio broadcasts and online videos to share their vision of a world without torture.

To give you all a taste of the Global Report to come, here are some of the videos and audio broadcasts sent to us from centres all over the world.

PRAWA, an IRCT member and rehabilitation centre, produced this broadcast for 26 June on torture in Nigeria.

Red de Apoyo, an IRCT member in Venezuela, produced this five-part informational broadcast on their center and services. 

Interregional NGO Committee against Torture, which has written many blog posts for World Without Torture, is a Russian-based rehabilitation centre and member of the IRCT. They produced a video of testimonies from torture survivors in Russia for this year’s 26 June. Watch it through this link.

Survivors of Torture, International in San Diego, USA also participated in a podcast. Listen or download it here.


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