Cross-Post: Poverty impairs rehabilitation efforts for torture survivors

At the IRCT, we have often reiterated the link between poverty and torture: those in poverty are among vulnerable populations at great risk of being tortured, and torture itself can often push people into further poverty by impinging on their mental and physical well-being.

Over at Freedom From Torture, a member of the IRCT and a UK-based rehabilitation centre, they have pointed to another example of how poverty and torture are sadly intertwined: the poverty of torture victims in the UK makes it increasingly difficult for rehabilitation to be effective.

For the 2012 UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, recognised every year on 17 October, they discussed their soon-to-be-released research on how “both the impact of poverty on our clients’ mental health and rehabilitation, and exactly how being a survivor of torture affects the way individuals are able to cope with poverty.” They found that:

Many participants in the research described feeling that as asylum seekers they are treated as somehow inhuman by the government and the communities they live in, which they believed had worsened their mental health problems:

Outside [Freedom from Torture] it’s as if they are making us remember our hardships every day, and you can easily become crazy.”

Read there full blog post here at the Freedom From Torture website.


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