Friends of IRCT gather to bid farewell and welcome to leadership

While also a fond farewell to Brita Sydhoff, Friday’s reception was also a warm welcome to new Secretary-General Joost Martens

Brita Sydhoff, former Secretary-General of IRCT, bade a warm and thankful farewell to the more than 100 guests Friday night at a reception in her honour. The reception was also to warmly welcome IRCT’s new Secretary-General Joost Martens.

More than a hundred guests joined the staff of IRCT, including staff from member centre Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims, members of the IRCT Executive Committee from all over the world, ambassadors and other diplomatic staff based in Copenhagen, and friends of the organisation.

“I wish to truly thank all of you, through thick and thin times we’ve had at the IRCT for your hard work and dedication to this cause – the rehabilitation of torture victims worldwide,” Brita said in her farewell speech. Among her achievements, she recounted she was particularly proud of the steadfastly democratic governing structures that lead the IRCT today. The Executive Committee, who are elected every three years by the 144 members of the IRCT, were in attendance at Friday’s festivities as they had just completed a two-day meeting in Copenhagen.

The members of the Executive Committee, who represent rehabilitation centres on six continents, met with new Secretary-General Joost Martens in a two-day meeting in Copenhagen prior to the reception. From left, Ms Karen Hanscom, North America; Ms Loreine dela Cruz, Asia; Ms Clarisse Delorme, Independent Expert; Ms Suzanne Jabbour, MENA; Mr Jorge Aroche, Pacific – Vice-President; Ms Simona Ruy-Perez, Latin America & Caribbean; Mr Joost Martens, Secretary-General; Ms Lilla Hardi, Europe; and Mr Mohamud Nurein Said, Sub-Saharan-Africa – President.

Click through our slideshow for photos of IRCT staff and supporters of the organisation during the reception on Friday.


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