1. #1 by Joana Isabel on 29/05/2012 - 19:52

    I cannot forget what I saw many years ago…a lady was in dispair…crying…It was so horrible. A man
    from Peru told me “SENDERO LUMINOSO” do not exist anymore… But I think survivors cannot forget all this tragedy.

  2. #2 by Morgan on 27/09/2012 - 18:04

    Nice post which This has the consequence that people living in these areas need to travel to Lima to get medical assistance. Many of them cannot afford the travel, or are not able to, due to their medical condition. Amongst these, victims of torture and political violence constitute a particularly vulnerable group; not least because of the mental and physical damages they may suffer from, but also because of the stigma that they are being exposed to through their status as victims. Thanks a lot for posting.

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