This #26June, support victims of torture

Send us photos with a message of support in your own language

Take a picture of yourself with a message of support for victims of torture – in your own language! You will be featured in a special #26June video.

Torture is happening right now all over the world. But we needn’t accept it. Together we can send a message that this must stop. Together we can make our voices heard and join with the many men and women all over the world who dedicate their lives to the prevention of torture and the rehabilitation of its victims.

Join this Facebook event for the Day Against Torture to show your support for survivors of torture worldwide. Invite your family and friends.

Here’s what else you can do:

– Show your support! Take a picture of yourself with a message of support for victims of torture, such as “I support a world without torture”, “Rehabilitation is a right of victims of torture”, or “Rehabilitation works”. Post this picture on our Facebook page and become a part of our 26 June video featuring your photo. You can also download our poster and hold it up.

– Show your support on #26June. Tweet a message or update your status on Facebook with a message of support for victims of torture

– Find an event near you: Last year, hundreds of organisation held events on 26 June. Check out our Google Map to find an event nearby.

The 26th of June, the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, gives us the opportunity to stand united and remind the world that torture is a cruel violation of human rights.

Rehabilitation is the theme for the 26 June 2012 campaign.

Rehabilitation empowers torture victims to resume as full a life as possible. However, rebuilding the life of someone whose dignity has been destroyed takes time and is the result of long-term material, medical, psychological and social support.

Simple steps can make huge changes. Get involved in the global movement for a world without torture and voice your support.


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