Coming together for a world without torture

I’ve just returned from the IRCT 2011 Council Meeting in London, where representatives from across the IRCT’s membership met to discuss issues affecting our global movement and offered regional perspectives on the work against torture going on all over the world.  It was an inspiring meeting, and I was planning on writing about it for this blog, however, Andy Branch of our UK member centre and host for our meeting –  Freedom from Torture  – has beaten me to it on with an excellent piece on their blog!

I think his piece sums up the mood of the event excellently, and highlights the value in so many people from all over the world united in our vision of a world without torture getting together and exchanging knowledge.

Thank you Andy, and thanks to all of the staff at Freedom from Torture for being such gracious hosts to us in London.

Scott is the IRCT’s Head of Communications.

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