Friday News Clippings

Apologies for slow-posting this week. We have been very busy preparing for our Executive Committee and Council meeting next week. But here are the news stories we have been keeping an eye on the last few days.

The U.S. had knowledge of torture in Afghan-run detention facilities, and still handed people over to them, says officials. If true, this marks a wild violation of international torture laws.

A new torture case leapt through the news beginning Monday – Essam Atta was allegedly tortured to death by guards. This news emerged the same weekend following the Khaled Said sentencinga tense weekend in Egypt, no doubt. Many are drawing parallels between the two cases and noting that it means little has changed since the fall of Mubarak. We are also very proud of the work of our member centre El Nadeem who has been pushing in this case for an external investigation and questioning the state’s autopsy of Atta.

The 47th session of the UN Committee against Torture began Monday, which will include, among others, reviews of Germany, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Belarus. The IRCT, in coordination with four other NGOs, have organised webcasting of six country reviews, so interested people from all across the world can witness these hearings. Watch them live here.

Sadly, we cannot admit to being surprised by these findings: A human rights probe has found torture in Bahrain to be systematic. The same day this report emerged we also read this article from the Bahrain Human Rights Centre (Warning: the article is very graphic).

Families in Kenya from the Mt. Elgon massacre are still seeking justice from the forced disappearances from 2006-2008.


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