Khaled Said’s killers sentenced for manslaughter; we echo disappointment of his family on this charge

The judge in the Khaled Said case sentenced the two policemen to seven years in prison for manslaughter. We have a statement expressing our dismay at the ruling of manslaughter over murder charges, echoing statements from the family of Said that this is an affront to the right to justice  of victims of torture:

The sentencing of police officers for manslaughter, rather than murder, in the case of Khaled Said is a mockery of the victims of torture and their right to justice. The IRCT echoes the disappointment of the Said family and Egyptian human rights defenders in saying that this verdict does not reflect the crime of torture and murder.

In an Alexandria court yesterday, the judge sentenced the two policemen to seven years for manslaughter, immediately sparking outcries from the families and activists in the court.

“Justice has not been done to Khaled Said, and we will not budge,” Said’s uncle Ali Qasse told Reuters news agency.

Read our full statement here, which includes information on the forensic report we coordinated on the case.


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