Wednesday News Updates

Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we will post updates on ongoing cases of torture, new opinion pieces in the media, or news stories or issues that emerge.

Stories and reports from Syria continue to testify to an unending regime of torture. Most recently, Amnesty International reports that several state-run hospitals have been used to torture patients, seeking to inflict ill-treatment on those protesting against the Assad regime. Amnesty writes:

“It is deeply alarming that the Syrian authorities seem to have given the security forces a free rein in hospitals and that in many cases hospital staff appear to have taken part in torture and ill treatment of the very people they are supposed to care for.

“Given the scale and seriousness of the injuries being sustained by people across the country, it is disturbing to find that many consider it safer to risk not having major wounds treated rather than going to proper medical facilities.” 

Go read the whole report (PDF).

Another rights group, Human Rights First, is organizing a petition campaign to release Bahraini teacher Jaleela Al-Salman, who, just two weeks ago, was detained by security forces. This is the second time she has been detained, and on the first occasion, she reported being tortured.

IRCT member centre El Nadeem in Egypt has issued a report documenting cases of sexual abuse and torture of prisoners detained after the violent clashes on 9 October.

According to the report, published on the Centre’s Facebook page, three detainees were sexually assaulted by military police while being transported to a Cairo courtroom on Monday.

Two stories from Burma emerged in recent days from former detainees who have since been released. Their separate tales recount torture within the repressive regime’s prison system.


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