26 June report published, highlights global voice against torture

By Fábio

26 June Global Report 2011

I have had the pleasure of working with many aspects of the 26 June campaign: from the collection of best-practice experiences, which were compiled in a campaign kit and used by organisations as a source of inspiration and a practical tool to set up their own campaigns, to the conception of visual materials and to the recent publication of the 26 June Global Report. All in all, it has been a rewarding mission.

The message we get from local organisations is that 26 June events have a great meaning for torture survivors and their families, and provides an opportunity to inform the general public about the problem of torture – usually with the help of the media. The 26 June also represents a perfect opportunity to remind governments of their obligations under the UN Convention against Torture. However, to me, an important aspect of the campaign is how it makes clear how many different local problems, are in fact a global one. In isolation, torture remains unpunished and is difficult to fight. Only together we understand and are able to explain the true dimension of the problem of torture. And only that way we have the strength to fight it, locally.

This year’s campaign has been a success. We have gathered reports and great photos from 73 organisations from all continents, up from 50 in 2010. Next year, we will again do our best, and count with all of you, to make it grow even more.

Download the 26 June Report here.

 Fábio is a communications officer and associate editor of TORTURE Journal.



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