Monday News Updates

Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we will post updates on ongoing cases of torture, new opinion pieces in the media, or news stories or issues that emerge.

The CIA’s impunity on ‘torture tapes’ // The

What triggered this duo’s uncharacteristic accusatory outburst was the revelation that the CIA had purposely destroyed numerous videos of interrogation sessions it had conducted with al-Qaida operatives (destroyed were 92 videos, showing hundreds of hours of interrogations).
Despite all that, there have been no legal consequences whatsoever for the crimes of these CIA officials…… And this week, a federal judge, whose own order to produce these videos had been violated by the CIA, decided that he would not even impose civil sanctions or issue a finding of contempt because, as he put it, new rules issued by the CIA “should lead to greater accountability within the agency and prevent another episode like the videotapes’ destruction”.

NEPAL: “A lot of the juveniles who have been subjected to torture see gloomy prospects for their future” // Asian Human Rights Commission

IRCT member centre in Nepal – the Centre for Victims of Torture – sat down for an interview on the topic of children and torture. Please read the full interview as it truly provides an on-the-ground description of work on the rehabilitation and prevention of torture on children.

Torture in itself is a very wrong practice; it is a gross human rights violation. When children receive the torture, it is even worse.

CIO torture offices addresses to be exposed // The

SW Radio Africa and The Zimbabwean will publish throughout the week a series on the  Central Intelligence Organisation regional and rural offices throughout Zimbabwe, used to abduct and torture political opponents and dissidents. 

As our series will prove, hundreds of opposition activists have been and continue to be abducted by CIO agents and taken to these offices to be tortured. Our list will also show surprising deployments of state security agents in furniture shops and at the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre in Harare.

Party worker’s photo hints at torture // India Today

Even as the Jammu and Kashmir government has been claiming that the National Conference (NC) worker, Syed Mohammed Yusuf, died of natural causes,Headlines Today has accessed a picture which shows bruises on his face indicating towards his custodial death due to police torture.
The picture taken after Yusuf died shows bruise marks on his face. The deceased’s son Talib Hussain had claimed that his father died because of the torture.
“My father was interrogated inside the chief minister’s house. IG (crime) also told me the same. The picture of him shows torture marks,” Talib said.

Comitê de combate à tortura segue requisitos das Nações Unidas, diz ministra // Midiamax News, Brasil

O Comitê Nacional de Prevenção e Combate à Tortura está de acordo com os requisitos básicos da Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU) para o funcionamento das organizações de direitos humanos, segundo a Secretaria de Direitos Humanos (SDH). Hoje (7), representantes de movimentos sociais criticaram o governo federal por alterar projeto que cria o sistema nacional de combate à tortura, com nova forma de composição do comitê. Para eles, a composição do comitê desrespeita o Protocolo Facultativo à Convenção da Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU) contra a Tortura, tratado ratificado pelo Brasil em 2007.

Compiled by Tessa, communications assistant at the IRCT. If there are any articles you would like to send us that address the issue of human rights, detention abuse, or torture, please e-mail them to


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