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We created World Without Torture to serve as the public community and global movement to fight torture. Our blog will serve as a common meeting place: to provide constant updates on cases and instances of torture around the world, to explain the work of global torture fighters, to tell the stories of torture survivors.

World Without Torture is a place for the voices of those who break the silence that surrounds this crime, whether in fighting for justice, sharing their story, providing medical testimony and documentation, or publicly joining in support of the victims.

Visit our Resources page for more information on how you can help.

About the IRCT

We will also provide a more transparent look into our work at the secretariat of the IRCT – the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, based in Copenhagen, Denmark and with offices in Brussels and Geneva.

The IRCT is a health-based, human rights umbrella organisation that supports the rehabilitation of torture victims and the prevention of torture worldwide.

We do so through supporting the work of our member centres – more than 140 independent organisations in over 70 countries. Our work is governed by these member organisations. Today, we are the largest membership-based civil society organisation to work in the field of torture rehabilitation and prevention.

144 rehabilitation centres and anti-torture organisations comprise the IRCT

Our blog is written by the staff of the IRCT and is a window into how we go about providing access to justice, meaningful and holistic rehabilitation, and preventing torture. Many of the posts are peoples’ personal views of being part of the IRCT, so do not necessarily reflect the organisation’s views. You’ll find a more general view of what we do on the IRCT website.

The Bloggers

Annette previously worked in the controlling unit of the Danish Red Cross. She has a degree in economics, and has been working within the fields of finance, administration and management in a number of different settings and businesses ever since. Annette heads the finance and administration team at the IRCT.




AsgerAsger is head of the IRCT’s Geneva office where he is responsible for maintaining and developing the organisation’s relations with UN human rights mechanisms, state representatives and relevant NGOs. He has a Master of Law from the University of Copenhagen and has lived in Geneva since the fall of 2009. He will mainly be blogging about advocacy activities at the UN and IRCT’s activities related to medical documentation of torture.



Daniel is a Project Development Officer at the IRCT, where he drafts fundraising and grant applications and project proposals to international donors, agencies, and government organisations. Previously, he has worked as a legal researcher on torture prevention initiatives. Daniel received his JD from New York University School of Law.




Fábio is Acting Head of Communications and Associate Editor of Torture Journal at the IRCT. Originally from Portugal, he moved to Copenhagen in 2008 to attend Copenhagen Business School, where he earned a master’s of science and business and development studies. He has previously interned at the Portuguese embassy in Turkey.




Gitte works at an executive assistant and human resources officer at the IRCT, and has been at the IRCT for more than 20 years. In her role, Gitte serves as a liaison between the Secretariat and the IRCT Executive Committee and Council. She has previously worked at offices of the European Union and the Canadian Embassy in Denmark.

Hélène is the Head of Fundraising, operating from our Brussels office, liaising with European Union bodies, and serves as programme coordinator for the European region. Previously, she worked as administrative and financial director of IRCT member centre Parcours d’Exil, which she co-founded in 2001.

Janice is Senior Donor Relations Officer at the IRCT, focusing her work on Scandinavian foundations, campaigns and special events, Danish and international private donors and the corporate sector. She has a European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization (E.MA), and more university degrees in law, Spanish, Latin American and French literature, and psychology. Prior to joining the IRCT, Janice spent 15 years doing development assistance for DANIDA (the Danish aid agency) and three years as an information expert for UNESCO/Latin American & Caribbean region.



Joost serves as Head of the Clinical Team, through which he coordinates with the scientific clinical advisory group. Joost also works on issues related to asylum seekers, refugees, torture, and clinical work. In addition, Joost supports the Non-State Actors project, which coordinates the exchange of knowledge and resources on holistic rehabilitation between member centres primarily in the Global South. He also serves as editor in chief of Torture Journal.



Lars is Programme Assistant in the Membership Team at the IRCT and co-manager of the Non-State Actors project. During his studies toward a master’s in Middle Eastern studies and Arabic, Lars worked in the Danish embassy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a trainee. Upon returning to the University of Copenhagen, Lars began at the IRCT. He will predominantly blog about his work related to the Non-State Actors project and the Middle East – North African region.



Line serves as an Advocacy Officer. She began working at the organisation in 2010 after completing her master’s in human rights and democratisation. Later, Line undertook a research project at the IRCT on children and torture. She previously assisted on the Non-State Actors project, and liaises with members in the Latin America / Caribbean region.




Maggie serves as Senior Programme Assistant at the IRCT. In this role, she liaises with our member centres, administers grants and membership applications, and provides support to projects. She previously worked at UNICEF for more than 20 years.




Miriam, head of the Legal and Advocacy Team at the IRCT, has been at the organisation for more than six years. With a LLM specialising in international and human rights law, Miriam has worked in her native Germany, South Africa, and France. In addition to her responsibility to oversee all legal aspects of projects, Miriam has also focused on programmes that promote the prevention of torture through medical and legal documentation. Editor’s Note: Miriam is currently on leave until May 2014.



Rachel is a legal and advocacy officer at the IRCT after having completed the European Master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation. She is a qualified lawyer and has in recent years worked as an immigration and asylum litigation attorney with the UK government.




Tessa is a communications assistant at the IRCT. Originally from the US, she moved to Denmark in 2011 after finishing her master’s in social science in gender studies at the University of Cape Town. Her blog posts will mainly consist of news updates on ongoing cases of torture, and the issues of women, girls, and torture.

  1. #1 by PHILIP TAH FON on 06/04/2012 - 10:35

    I am a Cameroonian , a teacher and project coordinator of CARITAS FORUM .
    I would like to align with your organization so as to assist children especially some young girls who were tortured and trafficked by their abductors to other countries like Nigeria, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
    These children are in need of education , medical attention and food.
    Thank you

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